Strategy & Practice

Our Wii adventure started when I received an email from the Nintendo Club, at the beginning of the summer. The email was an invitation to enter the Wii Games: Summer 2010. (We signed up for the Nintendo Club soon after we got the Wii and found that our game purchases could earn us points for free prizes.) The Wii Games: Summer 2010 website got me thinking – preparing for the competition would keep my son busy during his summer vacation.

This competition is set up to be less intimidating, since you’re not toe-to-toe against your opponents – you just have to achieve high scores when you play individually or with your teammate(s). After discovering we already have all the games played in the Wii Games: Summer 2010, I asked my 8-year-old son if he would like to enter. I knew I really didn’t need to ask him. Zac-Attack was so excited! He loves competing with me, but now we would work together as a team!

The next step was registration. The team name we chose is “Who Dat?”, because we are huge New Orleans Saints fans – my hometown is New Orleans. Since I shave my head, we decided my nickname would be SuperDome. We registered in the Parent/Legal Guardian and Child category and chose The Oaks mall, in Thousand Oaks, CA as our competition location.

The scheduling worked out in our favor. We weren’t going to take on the other teams until the last weekend of the games. This gave us plenty of time to develop our skills and come up with our strategies: Zac-Attack would cruise through Mario Kart and Hula Hoop, while I took on Bowling and 3-Point Basketball.

I’m not going to get into the details of our techniques and strategies, but here are our current high scores: Basketball in Wii Sports Resort = 70, Bowling in Wii Sports Resort = 300, Hula Hoop in Wii Fit Plus = 309, Mario Kart Wii – Mushroom Gorge = 2:02, New Super Mario Bros. Wii – World 5-4 = 401. If we could achieve our high scores on game day, we’d be hard to beat! During practice, the highest team total we got was in the high 18,000’s. Using a score sheet from Wii Games: Summer 2010 Home Kit Edition was very helpful. With the different skills that we both possess, neither one of us can beat the others top score. Yes, SuperDome can bowl a perfect 300 with the technique that I spent many hours perfecting. I can’t come close to Zac-Attack’s Hula Hoop and Mario Kart scores. Our lineup works out perfectly.


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