Zac-Attack on the Cover of the Highlander

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Zac-Attack knew he would be in the paper, but didn't expect to be on the cover of the West Covina Highlander! The caption reads: Zachary, 8, of West Covina and his father Esmeraldo took 10th place at the first Wii Games: Summer 2010 National Championship video game competion. Above, Zachary took a picture with Shawn Johnson, Wii Games Ambassador, Olympic gold medalist and Dancing with the Stars champion.

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Wii Games: Summer 2010 – Game Day

We arrived early on Saturday morning – this time there were several teams in line to register.  The lines were too long for the Wii Sports Resort setup, especially since most of the players were concerned with earning their coins for Archery – I just wanted to practice 3-Point Basketball and Bowling.  It would have been a lot better if there was more than one setup for Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart.  Zac-Attack waited in a long line for Mario Kart practice, but there wasn’t any line for Hula Hoop.

It was 12:15pm, by the time we made our way to the competition area.  We were ushered to five Wii setups that had direct sunlight on some of the screens.  I requested to be moved to the shady area and we just had to wait a few minutes to go over there.

What a relief!  I was sure I couldn’t see the lines on the bowling lane, if I had to bowl in the sunlight.  As it so happened, I still needed to wear my shades while bowling.  The glare was still too much where we had to play, so I wore my shades.  I ended up bowling a 238 – that’s pretty low for me.  I have developed my technique to where I can usually bowl at least a 279, my high being 300.

Zac-Attack had no problem spinning his Hula Hoops 286 times.  It was not his highest, but still a great score.  His Mario Kart time of 2:07 was a bit slow for him.  He usually gets 2:04, with 2:02 being his best time.

3-point shooting ended up being a nightmare for me – I never score as low as a 51!  My first two games were strong, but in the middle of my last game something strange happened.  The ball started shooting straight up, not getting even close to the basket.  I couldn’t get near the basket for the rest of the game!

I started to say there was something wrong, but I was encouraged to finish the game.  After I was done, the referee said I was probably hitting a blind spot from being too close to the Wii receiver.  I still don’t buy it – I believe the Wii Motion-Plus started malfunctioning.  My high score is 70 and I average about 64 baskets.

We breezed through the Coin Battle scoring 384 coins.  We don’t know the so-called “coin trick”, but we think the score combined with our other scores may  put us in the finals.  Who Dat? had an overall score of 17830!

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